Explore Zealand - We'll guide you to success

Explore Zealand showcases the combined business development opportunities of Denmark’s Region Zealand and Capital Region of Copenhagen. 

Three organizations – East Danish Tourism, Copenhagen Capacity and Femern Belt Development – aim to generate new and exciting opportunities in connection with one the largest building projects ever undertaken in Denmark. Over the coming years, the two regions will commence construction projects representing more than €30 billion-worth of investment. 

The largest and most significant project will create a new fixed link between Denmark and Germany. The constructed new tunnel will make it possible to cross the Fehmarnbelt in just a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, the entire region is already booming with exciting new building projects. These include; three new super-hospitals, the renovation of older health facilities, new infrastructural investments, a new city-ring line for the Copenhagen subway-system, new bridges and updated railway-systems. 


Explore Zealand strives to provide solutions to a wide range of challenges. The following provides short descriptions of some of its major initiatives. 

Taskforce 2015

The construction of a fixed link to Germany will generate significant interest from companies wishing to establish, or expand, their activities in Scandinavia and the North European region. In order to handle incoming requests, from business groups and investors wishing to permanently base elements of their industry in Region Zealand, efficient standard procedures will be established. All relevant locations will be professionally presented to investors. 

Explore Zealand 

In spring 2013, the prequalification process is being conducted, to select companies to build the fixed link between Denmark and Germany, at Fehmarnbelt. During this time, Femern Belt Development and Copenhagen Capacity will be communicating with the selected companies, in order to understand their needs and inform of other major construction projects in the region. The goal of this being to increase the construction companies' regional knowledge and stimulate the

Industrial areas along the E47

European route E47 is the motorway connecting Lübeck, Germany to Helsingborg, Sweden, via Copenhagen, Denmark - locally known as the ‘Fugleflugtslinie’(Danish) and the ‘Vogelflugslinie’(German). Lining the entire E47 route is a multitude of industrial areas with potential for development. New marketing plans and online services will be established to encourage, inform and assist potential investors.  

Development of tourism in East-Denmark 

In both German and Danish contexts, studies will be made to describe the priorities, needs and challenges of the local tourism industry. These would provide the basis for developing and expanding tourism across the region.