Fehmarnbelt Tunnel - Uniting the people of Europe

Illustration: Femern A/S

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link realises the dream of a fast, direct connection between Scandinavia and continental Europe. By uniting the populations in such key areas as science, business, the labour market and culture, it will accelerate the harmonious integration of Europe.

Rapid, seamless travel

The fixed link will drastically reduce travel times between Scandinavia and continental Europe. Whilst current ferry transit between Northern Germany and the Zealand region of Denmark takes 45 minutes (plus waiting time), the new link will offer crossing times of under seven minutes, by train, and under ten for motorists. The duration of train journeys between Hamburg and Copenhagen will be be slashed by one and a half hours, to just three.
The fixed link will save a 160 km road and rail detour and generate new business initiatives on both sides of the link, as this efficient, new transport corridor emerges.
Take a look at the tunnel design and latest construction-progress, by clicking here: www.femern.dk