Powerful Infrastructure

When the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt is completed in 2021, it will connect the 20-or-so million people of Scandinavia with the 10-or-so million living in northern Germany. And the island connecting the two parts of Europe is Zealand. 

Increased mobility

Over the next decade, infrastructure on Zealand will be significantly upgraded and improved, to the benefit of businesses, residents and visitors alike. Within the region, public investment amounting to €30 billion are planned. This includes; the Fehmarn Belt link, Northern Europe's largest construction project, Copenhagen metro's new MetroCity ring and significant expansion of the rail and road networks. 


The port to Scandinavia and Northern Europe

This planned development of Zealand will create a unique hub for the whole of Europe, where North- and South-bound land transport, by both road and rail, will meet East- and West-bound sea transport. This huge investment in the road and rail transport infrastructure will ultimately reduce company's travelling time, between Copenhagen and Hamburg, to around between just two and three hours.

Companies based in the region will enjoy powerfully flexible transport options for exporting their wares to the rest of Europe, and beyond.
Major transport hubs in the region include: 
  • Hamburg sea port - Europe's 2nd largest, with accesses to two major sea-ways 
  • Copenhagen Airport - Europe's 15th largest, the status of an international hub for air traffic and freight in Scandinavia with flight connections to four continents 
  • Hamburg Airport - Germany's 5th largest
  • Copenhagen sea port
  • Køge sea port
  • Cargo Syd